About ME

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When I was a child, we always had playing cards around the house. My father taught my siblings and I various card games and we’d play for hours and hours. Then, out of nowhere, I started to see things in the cards.


One day, I saw very vividly that my sister would lose a ring and find another one. Sure enough, she was distraught when she lost a little signet ring she’d been given as a gift.


Some time later, when we were walking to school in the rain, she spotted what I thought was a piece of glass shimmering on the floor. On closer inspection, it turned out to be a ring.


My parents hated my gift and strongly discouraged me from reading cards, but I couldn’t stop myself. I carried on in secret, but my journey with tarot and fortune-telling didn’t really begin until I left home.


When I was 20, I was travelling with my boyfriend in Australia. He came back to our flat in Brisbane one day with a present for me — a pack of tarot cards.


I started to give free readings to everyone I met, but I was often very afraid when my readings would come true. One night, after seeing a close relative’s death in the cards, I was so upset I threw my tarot cards away and swore never to give a reading again. A week later, after my initial panic had died down, I was relieved to find that my sister had fished my cards out of the bin and saved them for me.


In the years following, I worked on tarot phone lines to support my young family, and people would call back in their hundreds to speak to me. I then went on to fund my Mathematics degree at 28 by holding readings at private parties.


Pre-internet, I’d often go to the Liverpool City Library to study maths, but it would never be long before I’d find myself wandering the fortune-telling section. Two years into my degree, I’d read every single book they had on the occult!


My original cards are now 32 years old and I’ve taken them all over the world with me. I feel that they’ve picked up so many energies from the diverse cultures I’ve visited, and even though I read from many packs now, they’ll always be my favourite.


I will often do a Celtic cross spread if people want to ask a single question or focus on a single area. Otherwise, I’ll use a particular spread of my own. It developed from my habit of slotting cards behind or over other cards as I read to provide more information. Now, it’s evolved into a unique spread you won’t read about in any tarot books.


The cards tend to pick up on what’s happening in the moment and perhaps some recent past events too, but generally the majority of my predictions will have unfolded within around four months. Smaller playing cards, on the other hand, tend to give longer-term predictions that can unfold up to two years ahead.





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