The Ace’s

The Ace’s

The Ace’s are part of the minor arcana section of tarot cards – the minor arcana cards being mostly mundane and attaching themselves to the more everyday areas of our lives when we get a tarot reading done.

Yet, the Ace’s are far from mundane and hold great weight within the meanings of the tarot cards.

I know not all tarot readers like to use the tarot cards for predictions but in my experience with giving tarot readings, that is exactly how it happens for me. They give very accurate predictions about our future.

However, some cards are more favorable than others to see appearing and some of my favorite cards to appear are the Ace’s.


Because they give hope – lots of it. I have very rarely or never even, seen the Ace cards in tarot readings give negative vibes off. I think that can be revealed in other ways with combinations of different minor and major cards. The Ace’s though don’t want to be associated with negative events. They want to inspire us with positive expectation. They are very nice cards to see in your tarot reading – all of them giving different messages but all equally very pleasant, very positive and extremely optimistic.

So, let us examine them individually and see what they want us to interpret.

Ace of Swords

What a commanding and powerful card this is. I was afraid of this card when I was younger – until I realised that the Ace of Swords is on your side. This card the Ace of Swords, is with you 100%.

An old film called Jason and the Argonauts; there is a scene in that film where it appears as though Jason and his crew are doomed as they sail through a canyon in rough water. The rocks are clashing, tumbling and breaking off all around the wooden boat. The crew are struggling to keep control then suddenly their fate changes. Triton the sea God starts to emerge from the water. Everyone is terrified for their life but suddenly it becomes clear what Triton has planned for them. He holds the rocks apart so Jason and his crew can sail safely through the gorge. When the boat is out of danger, Triton is no longer needed and slips back into the sea.

How great is that to have divine intervention in your favor?

Well this is what you will get with the Ace of Swords.

A personal crisis is happening.

“I’ve failed my exam” or “I’m about to lose my job” or “I’m going to the hospital for tests for X, Y or Z”

If the Ace of Swords comes out – do not worry, I repeat, do not worry. Of course, in real life we will actually worry, but the Ace of Swords comes along to inform us that the outcome will be satisfactory. We will scrape that pass in that exam, we won’t lose that job – or if we do, another one will be there virtually immediately to replace it. If that test proves positive, there will be treatment that will get us out of this.

The picture on the front of the Ace of Swords card is of a single sword. It is the weapon that will chop down these problems for you and allow you to continue on your life journey with minimal disruption.

I also think that the Ace of Swords will show itself when the reading seems to be gravitating towards health. I would need to see other surrounding cards to back this up such as the King of Swords to represent a doctor, with the Nine of Swords to give a hospital environment. In this situation, the Ace of Swords will represent a cut to the body. There could be an operation, or even something as minor as stitches or an injection. Other surrounding cards would give the outcome to this, the Strength card would give the best outcome.

If the King of Swords appears however accompanied with both the Nine and the Ten of Swords, especially if the Justice card is around, then I would start to think of a prison or incarceration situation. The Ace of Swords would then start to give hope that this would be a minimal of damage state of affairs and the best that the inquirer could hope for in the circumstances.

In the small playing cards, the Ace of Spades is the equivalent to the Ace of Swords in tarot. This strong and authoritative little card represents death. In tarot, death is very much given from other cards, but if we think of what death actually is, endings and new beginnings, the Ace of Swords certainly puts an end to any worries that we may have on our minds.

Ace of Pentacles

The suit of pentacles gives us information about our finances, our assets and our security. This is a great card to see show up when we are concerned about finding a job, or needing extra money to pay for this that and the other. Christmas is looming and we are wondering how we will get through money-wise.

Really though, the Ace of Pentacles has a bit more weight than just every day aspects about our finances. Even though admittedly, sometimes this card can show up in just hoping economically that one can get through or get by, this card usually has more long term and solid meaning.

If a person is wondering if their mortgage will be passed that they have applied for from the building society then this is the card that they can rejoice with when it shows up. If they are looking for a buyer for their house, again; this is the card that will guarantee this will happen and the result will be very favorable.

If this card does appear when somebody is looking for a new job – I would have to see the Ten of Pentacles to be convinced that this was about a job however, then this job will come and it will bring a nice salary with it. Or, it could turn out much better than the inquirer ever hoped for. It will offer a safety feeling for money and is a big chance for them to start putting some foundations down for financial security. If the Emperor is around in the reading then we could be talking about a position even in authority, management or possibly starting a business off.

The reason why I contemplate the Ace of Pentacles to be a bit heavier than the ordinary financial talking cards is that generally it will suggest some kind of a new cycle regarding a person’s finances. As I said earlier, if we are looking for a mortgage or bank loan or even job, the result of this falling in our favor would indeed start a new sequence of events in our lives.

Another twist with this card is that often I have seen this come out when representing a gift. Usually this appears in one way. If in a romantic situation and the relationship is in early stages, this cards appearance often foretells of a gift given to the inquirer by their relatively new love interest. Not always an expensive gift but just a gift in general. Why I think this card represents this is because it is perhaps the first evidence of the relationship moving into more a more solid one.

This does give the beginning of a new cycle in that respect and points out that the relationship is becoming more secure and permanent, but it does not necessarily mean that it will lead to anything solid in the future. The relationship can still die a death further along the line. But this card does give the potential of this in the early stages.

Generally, I would be looking more in the vicinity of a person’s assets, jobs and finances when this card appears in their reading.

Ace of Wands

This is a great little omen when we see the Ace of Wands appear. Again, like the other Ace cards, it does appear to give hope and refers to some kind of new cycle starting.

This Ace talks about something that you do now in the present, you will reap the fruits of your labor later on. As I said in the introductory section about the Ace cards, they never seem to show up in a negative sense. Negative scenarios can be shown in other cards and combinations of cards. This Ace of Wands card gives us confidence in that what we are doing is the right path for us and even though it might seem trying, difficult and tough now, we will see the rewards for this at a later date.

So, for example, I always think of this card when trying to explain it; imagine that you buy seeds to grow flowers. Firstly, you will get compost and a plant pot to plant the seeds. Then you will put this pot where there is sunlight and give it water every day and eventually you will see shoots. You might then separate the shoots and find a place in the garden where they will start to flourish. You will  continue to water the plants every day as they grow bigger and stronger and keep garden pests away. You will remove any weeds that start to grow around your plants. Then what happens? You feel immense satisfaction when you get the flowers or end result. You will stare at these flowers with pride at your creation. The work you put in has paid off and given you the results that you were striving for. Your outcome has been achieved from the nurturing you gave.

This is the Ace of wands.

This can be in any area of your life. You can be studying for exams to give yourself new opportunities for jobs or a career.

You might be doing without nights out or limiting your spending when going out for dinner to save for a holiday.

You could be working away from home and going without seeing your family and friends for a bigger salary to buy that house you want.

Whatever the scenario, the Ace of Wands really does give you the payoff and the rewards you put the effort in for. Then you must scan around the existing spread for more information to find the situation that it is referring to. Whatever that may be, the inquirer is on a winner if this card comes out for them.

A new cycle is ahead if the work and effort is put in to achieving it. You can rest assured a very positive future event is imminent if the exertion, toil and hard slog is applied.

Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is considered to be a romantic card in the tarot pack – possibly the nicest romance card out of them all. It shows up to highlight that a romance is in the air and possibly a new romance is about to enter a person’s life.

Everyone likes the feeling of new romance, it’s exciting it’s fresh and at the start of a new romance, that is possibly when it’s the most fun. This is the vibe when this Ace of Cups rears its head.

However, this card needs more back up from surrounding cards to strengthen this. So, if it’s comes out with the Two of Cups and the Four of Wands, then I would start to think that yes, a new romance is about to enter in this person’s life. Particularly if the Knight of Cups is around to show that a person is chasing and is interested in the inquirer.

Then, I would start to look around the spread for a King; if reading for a woman to give more information about the man who will enter her life and be the focus of her affections. Obviously, it would be the opposite scenario for a man and I would look for a Queen (in the case of heterosexual people of course.)

If these cards show up but there is no King or Queen to represent the person who will enter and no Knight of Cups present, it could mean several things. It could be that the focus of this person’s affection is not on the scene. They could be out of the country, working away, overseas in the army, even in prison perhaps. The surrounding cards would be relied on here to give more information.

It could even signify that the inquirer has a massive crush or a soft spot for somebody but it doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone will actually enter their lives and they will get involved in a relationship with them. This is particularly true if the Seven of Cups is around which talks all about “pie in the sky” and day dreaming.

But nevertheless, the Ace of Cups is a pleasant card to see in your reading and has an initial feel good factor to it.

If the Ace of Cups turns up with the Justice card and the Three of Cups is close by, then it’s likely that the inquirer will be invited to a wedding. Depending on these surrounding cards, it could be their own wedding.

Also, if the person is happily married and this card is picked, it could show reconnection in their marriage, more good times ahead etc.

If the Ace of Cards comes out when a person is inquiring about a job for example and nothing concerning romance, then this card would be applied in the sense that they will love this job, or they will love the way the situation that they are curious about unfolds.

However way it appears, it generally has a nice turnout and is associated with good and positive feelings.