The Hierophant

The Hierophant in a psychic tarot reading – “the times they are a changin”


The Hierophant is a member of the major arcana tarot cards and when this card appears in a reading where the inquirer is thinking “does he love me?” or “what is he thinking?” … well, let’s just go on to examine this a bit more closely.

This is the first blog I have written for my new website and I deliberately chose this card because it is, I feel; one of the trickier cards to get a handle on.

When I first started to read tarot, I was willing to do free 3 card readings for anybody who wanted one. This gave good practice and experience but when the Hierophant would show up, I would be stumped to explain and interpret this card. Much of the time I couldn’t figure out for the life of me, how this card fitted in about what was getting discussed or what the topic was about.

The usual meanings for this card which is given all over the web is that the Hierophant is a leader, is spiritual and an advisor. He represents conformity and tradition.

But where does that fit in when somebody in your family has broken up with her boyfriend and is asking “what does he think about me now?”

But, my many years of experience with this card has boiled it down to this. When this card comes out in a spread, it is talking about things that are starting to come to a head.

But how can that fit in still when a person asks “what does the hierophant mean when the reading is about his feelings for me?”

or he even shows up as a person?

Right, let’s give some clearer answers as to what I mean exactly.


To get an extremely accurate prediction with tarot cards, you have to look at the spread as a whole and not each card individually. The cards kind of act on one another like a dialogue. Individual words spoken in a conversation would only have so much meaning, it’s when they are spoken with other words that together they all make sense.

This is an important breakthrough to make when learning tarot cards and giving tarot readings. Then the rest of it comes with years of experience and actually seeing the various cards showing up in different scenarios and watching how this little episode panned out in real life for that person. As a young tarot reader with a bit of experience under my belt, I would immediately realise that I had seen that persons arising situation in their cards. It would then strike me, that that is why a particular card had shown up and the message it had been trying to give. Then I would see it again and again but with different people and different areas of people’s lives – but with a common link.


I stated in my first paragraph that the Hierophant shows up when a situation has started to come to a head.

When somebody wakes up and smells the coffee.

When someone is feeling like they have had enough.

When change is coming.

When a person starts to feel restless.


It can be both. Let’s think about this in a bit more detail and bring in and consider some of the other meanings for this card.

It can be a good thing that a situation starts to develop into something else. Nothing stays the same in life and as much as somewhat negative scenarios eventually move on and pass away from peoples’ lives, it’s also true to say that all good things come to an end.

This is part of our life journey and we grow spiritually as part of this experience and evolve as people.  We start to mature and wise up and “religiously” or “dutifully” give priority to the things that are important to us. We persevere with something for as long as we can, then if we are in a position to change it when it’s no longer any use to us, we will.


If an inquirer is asking “what are his feelings for me?”  for example and the Hierophant appears. Well first of all the other cards must be considered that are surrounding him.

Now it is true that this is a spiritual and religious card. If the surrounding cards are good with a feel for romance or even just bright and cheerful then this card can be read in a positive sense. I am meaning that if say the Ace of Cups and the Justice card where dotted around then we could be looking at a proposal for marriage here.

The Ace of Cups would represent the relationship and the Justice card the legal side of things and the contract. Now where the Hierophant would come in would be in a sense of that things have started to move from what they once where to something else.

So, to answer “what are his feelings for me?”, I would be thinking about answering this person that your man has woke up and smelt the coffee and realises that he wants marriage. This could be a church wedding even – the religious side, the spiritual feel to this card, the tradition and conformity.

But the moving on from one phase to another is very much imminent and looming in the distance.

If the cards are bright – not exactly the romance of the century cards but bright cards and somebody is inquiring about romance then this would give the feeling that again, this relationship is moving on. In a good way, maybe moving up a notch or even becoming a relationship after it being a more casual thing. Conforming after it starting out as a loose unintended bit of fun.



If the cards surrounding the Hierophant are not bright cards and there are lots of Swords and problem cards about, then I would be more inclined to read this card in a sense where the first beginnings of rot are starting to set into this relationship. One person or the other is starting to feel as though the glove is not really fitting them anymore. Perhaps they are starting to have thoughts about being alone or even day dreaming about what it would be like to be with somebody else.

A conscious decision has not been made as yet as to what the next step is – but the stirrings of transformation is without a doubt starting to raise its head.

Now as I said before, it depends on the surrounding cards to give more information on an outcome here. As the reading develops, if the 3 of swords (separation), the Death card, the Tower show up, then I would certainly start to think that the Hierophant card is showing the beginning of the end.

If the Ace of Swords comes out which is the card that can fix the problems and maybe the Fool which gives fresh starts then it is appearing that this could lead to a change in direction with this relationship and it is not over yet.

But if that was the case, then the Hierophant has certainly moved this relationship to the next step of its evolution. Whether that is what the inquirer wants to hear or not.



If the relationship has already reached a head and a break up has already happened many people will want to know when they get their cards read – what does this person “think of me” or “how does my ex see me” or “what are their feelings for me”.

Well, like I tried to explain before, the answer to these questions lies in the spread as a whole, not just in this card alone. But I would certainly think that if the surrounding cards are fairly dark, the eight of cups is around giving no hope for the future and there are no reconciliation cards apparent then the ex has already started to move on. It could show in the rest of the spread that this person has the utmost love and respect for the inquirer, but not necessarily want to be in a relationship again with them. Other cards would show whether this is final or not but the Hierophant would indicate that things will never be as they once were.



Generally, I have not seen the Hierophant show up as “the person” to often in my experience with tarot readings when somebody is inquiring about their love life. It seems to show up more as the situation itself is starting to face changes from one scenario to the next or when a person has had an epiphany or a realization about their relationship.

If this card does show up as a person when the reading is about a lover, I would suggest that this relationship will be an extremely important one and this person will alter a person’s life dramatically.

When the Hierophant shows up as a person, it is generally more about advice that the inquirer will receive from somebody. This would appear at first glance to be good and solid advice from somebody who knows what they are talking about in their field of expertise. Actually, I dare to say I somewhat disagree with this. I have seen situations where the Hierophant can give bad advice, or maybe not exactly bad advice, but advice what is not actually appropriate for that person.


Many tarot readers could disagree with my theory here that the Hierophant can actually give inappropriate advice.

Example, say a person is estranged from their mother or father. They have not spoken for many years. It would be good advice to tell that person to forgive their parents. Let the water pass under the bridge now and go to them. Forget what brought you to this point and make a fresh start.

But does the person saying this know all the facts? How do they know what went on behind the scenes and what brought things to this point?

Better advice could have been given to this person if the advisor had of said that the inquirer should examine the reasons behind why they cannot forgive their parents and to inspect and scrutinize the misgivings within themselves and learn more about their own personality and character.

If bad advice is given in say an employment situation, then the results could be detrimental. Stand up to your boss, tell them you want a pay rise, tell them that you will give them an ultimatum if they don’t adhere to your demands.

Is this the right advice to give somebody when there are millions unemployed that can replace this employee and they have perhaps a mortgage and a few children to feed?

It might be better advice for this person to be told to start to put their CV around if they don’t think they are getting what they are worth from this position.

So to sum up what I am trying to iterate here, the Hierophant can without a doubt give solid advice, but it is a case of looking around the rest of the spread to advise the inquirer as to whether they should be alert for bad advice and them acting on bad advice could bring them consequences that are difficult. So, the Hierophant showing up in a reading where it’s giving a message that advice will be given, needs considering more. The warning here gives a possibility that the inquirer should not listen to advice given as it could put them on a bum stir.

Also keep in mind here the original message that the Hierophant is giving. The awakening has happened about a person discontented with the situation where they don’t speak to their mother, or they are dissatisfied about their work conditions. Again, the Hierophant has shown up to start moving the situation on or present the message that something is in need of change.


Usually it is a positive sign when the Hierophant comes out for a student or somebody about to sit some kind of exam or test. There is wisdom associated with this card and experience. The Hierophant is in his niche and comfort zone when we are looking at educational matters. It would be more expected in this realm of life that the Hierophant knows what he is talking about and he is the right person to seek advice or counselling from.

This teacher, lecturer or councilor could be just the person to listen to when wanting to cover ground and move onto the next phase in studying or finalizing the studies.

The person being depicted as the Hierophant is there to give the right direction for the inquirer to follow for how to move or evolve them to their next step. Notice that the message again here is the situation is evolving to the next level.


If you think that you can see more than one situation; not only with the Hierophant but with any of the tarot cards during your psychic reading, then give them both – or give them all if there are several messages there.

What I am trying to say here, is you put the cards out you can instantly see that the Hierophant is dominant but there are several situations here that you can interpret.

It could be the inquirer is studying, looking for promotion in their job, having a fling with somebody, wanting to buy a new car, wanting to travel the world. There are numerous situations going on in people’s lives.

As the different situations start to reveal themselves and become more obvious, to give an accurate prediction, you must read the Hierophant in all these circumstances. He could be giving advice about studying or a new job – time to move on, look towards a better job, look for the next level of study or qualifications etc. The Hierophant could also be pointing to all the relationship factors that was discussed earlier. He could be indicating that a person needs driving lessons or is unhappy with the car they own and needs to replace it.

You must read this card in every possible circumstance that starts to unravel. It will touch them all in some way.

So, to finalise things; the message given from the Hierophant is about as I said earlier – it’s time to move on.