The Magician

The Magician

This is a great card to see appearing in your tarot reading. Straight away, no matter what is happening, The Magician is a great sign and you really can expect a favorable outcome to whatever it is that you are concerned, apprehensive or worried about.

Perhaps, the inquirer is not worried as such but is pondering about what the outcome will be on a particular matter, this card gives off the signals that all will be well and positive – but.


Yes, but. It will not come that easy and you must put a little bit of work and effort in to achieve your desired outcome.

Let’s look at this a little more closely and see exactly what this means.


The Fool card was discussed already when there was naivety and lack of experience surrounding the message of the tarot card.

What we are now thinking with the Magician is that the inquirer has now lived through the drawbacks of their gullibility and being easily taken in. They are now starting to gain some wisdom and perception of what this game of life is actually all about. They are starting to widen up so as to speak and understand that unless they learn to read the warning signs and use their intuition, they can be well and truly taken for a ride.

So, we imagine here that The Magician has reached the next stage of development. The inquirer is now able to pull the wool over people’s eyes them self to a certain degree.

The Magician has learned to kill or be killed.

Now let us consider what is meant by a magician.

A magician has magical powers and can work tricks. He is also an illusionist and crafty.

I suspect now that the gist of this card is starting to come across.

The Magician will guarantee that things will work out for you nicely but, there is some wheeling and dealing, swindling or perhaps even a degree of tricking, conning or scamming to accomplish the desired outcome.


Many people ask about romance when they are having their tarot reading so it makes sense to consider The Magician card’s appearance in this area of life.

Now when this card shows up, first it’s a good sign that things will go in the inquirers favor. So if there is a love interest on the scene that the inquirer has their eye on or is the focus of their attention, it can pretty much be guaranteed that it will work out, it will happen or you can rest assured that “something” will go in the direction that the inquirer is hoping for.

Then, the other meanings of The Magician card must then be thought-out. This is where the trickery or manipulation of this affair comes into play.

Well, yes there will be some kind of management of this by the inquirer unbeknown to the person or love interest. Conceivably, the inquirer will possibly plan to be in the same place at the same time as their love interest. They could even have a friend “nudge things” in the right direction or speak for them and let their love interest be aware that they are interested.

In some sense or other, the inquirer will have to play “The Magician” and work some tricks.

After seeing the presence of The Magician in a tarot reading where somebody was asking about a romantic situation, I would then have to scan the nearby cards to see how this story will unfold.

If there was a good array of romantic meaning cards out, then I would start to think that the situation is starting to look promising and this little push to get things off the ground was perhaps all that was needed for a very hopeful romance or relationship.

If the cards are mediocre and average run-of-the-mill cards, there could be a fleeting burst of “something” that does not lead to anything in the long run.

If the nearby cards give a negative outlook, then this situation could be something that the inquirer either lives to regret or wishes they never got involved in.

However, The Magician is a member of the major arcana tarot pack and the major cards do predict something important for us and our evolution as a person.

Even if this situation leads to nothing, it will be something that the inquirer will not forget so easily for one reason or another.


This is a particularly good card to see appear if the inquirer is asking about virtually any area of their lives.

In a spread where the inquirer is asking about their job or career, once the inquirer understands what trickery they can swing, then they will find themselves obtaining everything that they set out to gain.

Whether these new founded accomplishments are achieved by scrupulous means though is debatable.

Again, the neighboring cards will give more details about how the story will develop and unfold.

Not all situations will give this lack of honorable atmosphere that the card is tending to create however.

Think about a pregnancy that was conceived by IVF. Yes, it was manipulated, but that certainly was not a bad thing.

Contemplate a student who has hired a private tutor to help them achieve the top marks that they require to attain that place at university. This is obviously a route they have gone down to put the odds more in their favor to reach their desired goal, but it doesn’t necessarily make things dishonest. The student still has to put all the work and effort in. The tutor will give great help obviously but cannot exactly wave a magic wand or take the test themselves in place of the student.

I think this has given an insight as to what to expect when you see The Magician card appear in your personal reading.